Seminars for Excellence in Teaching: Faith Traditions in Pedagogy

Tuesday, October 10, 2023
3:30 pm - 4:30 pm
Jones 200 (Dennis Campbell Innovation Learning Space) and Hybrid (Zoom link sent will be sent to registrants)
Faith Traditions in Pedagogy Mikeal Parsons (Religion) Patricia Killen (Pacific Lutheran University) In this session we will share findings from a grant project that tested the connection between theological heritages and teaching practice. This work was part of an exploration of a larger question: Does grounding questions of heritage, identity, and mission in the central work of teaching and learning offer a fruitful standpoint for rethinking identity and mission in the current context of higher education and the on-going changes in religious identity and belonging in the United States? We concluded that the work of teaching and learning is a fruitful place from which to initiate conversations about their respective institutions’ theological heritage, identity, and school mission. We invite participants to consider the possible implications for pedagogy and institutional identity at a place like Baylor.

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